Things To Consider Before Going For Airbrush Tanning Systems

Many persons consider that tan helps one to look more attractive, healthier and sexier. How many of us haven’t dreamed about going to the seaside and getting a bronze tan?

Nevertheless, there are some health factors that prevents us from exposing to the sunlight. Instead, airbrush tanning systems have solved this problem. It is true that you miss the breeze of the sea, but instead you get a natural tan safely and in a shorter period.

Also known as sunless tanning, airbrush tanning is a process that resorts to dihydrohyacetone products. Reacting with the amino acids in someone’s skin, this substance contributes to the formation of natural looking tan. Airbrush tanning systems imply applying a tanning mixture with a hand-held airbrush or spray gun and then waiting for it to darken in the next 12 hours.

The safety of the process is guaranteed if precautions to protect the eyes, nose and mouth are taken. Therefore, before spraying the tanning substance on your skin, you should apply some lip balm and wear some protective eyewear. Don’t forget about your nostrils and then the application is harmless.

The duration of the tan depend on each person. The average period lasts from five to ten days. The tan’s lifespan can be enhanced and extended by a series of skin care products. The tanning operator can help you with a few recommendations.

The article will next specify the measures one should take before undergoing the action of airbrush tanning. First, one should take a shower the night before or the morning of the tanning session. A non-moisturizing soap has to be used. The person who is going to be tanned must not wear make-up or have applied any lotion or body cream because these products can interfere with the tanning process. Loose- fitting clothes and flip-flops or sandals are recommended so that they do not stick to the skin. Old bathing suits or any disposable clothing items should work.

After being sprayed on the skin, the tanning mixture dries in approximately five minutes. A period ranging between eight an ten hours should be spent without showering to allow the substance to fix to one’s skin.

In order to maintain the tan, one has to apply a moisturizer every day and hydrate. Swimming in a pool with hard chemicals may affect the effects of the tan. The tan obtained from airbrush tanning systems does not ensure sun protection so one should wear a sun block when exposing to the sun.


Airbrush tanning systems use a compressor and an airbrush more precisely. The tan color is spread evenly due to the first element which pushes the air through the airbrush. The small particles of the tanning solution are picked up from a can by the current of air that moves rapidly through the airbrush and are smoothly deposited onto the skin. The result is a non-spotty, non-streaky or blotchy looking tan.