What Type Of Bicycle Should I Buy?

Deciding what is the right bike for you requires you to consider the different types of bicycles. Generally speaking, there are four types of bicycles and your selection process will depend mainly upon what type of riding you intend to do.


Road Bikes

The road bike is made for use on relatively smooth roads and paved streets. These bicycles were originally designed for road racing so they have been developed with speed and long distance riding in mind.

They are quite easy to spot on the road since they have narrow tires, a very lightweight frame and the riders always look uncomfortable since they ride in a bent over position due the the positioning of the seat and the low handlebars. The thing to remember if considering a road bike is that the frame is made to carry its rider along relatively smooth surfaces and are not suited for any off road riding.

Some consider the riding position to be uncomfortable but if long distance road riding is your cup of tea, the road bike would be your choice. That awkward riding position creates the most aerodynamic riding position for the rider as is possible.

Road bicycles will have a wide range of gears to allow riders to climb hills. Usually a road bike will have multiple sprockets which allow for anywhere between 16 to 27 speeds or gears. The price of the road bike usually is based mainly upon the cost of the frame. Steel and aluminum are the most common materials but newer alloys are lighter and will drive the price higher. If you are about to get one for you, then have a look at these cheap road bikes which won't burn a hole in your wallet.

Mountain Bikes

The second main type of bicycle is the mountain bike. In recent years this has become the most popular type of bike on the market. These generally will have fairly wide tires with knobby treads. The knobby tires have a purpose and that is for gripping on surfaces like sand, gravel and dirt. You will also find a softer ride since the tire's pressure will be less then that of the road bike.

The frames will be stronger then the typical road bike frame mentioned above and will provide higher ground clearance to enable climbing rocks or over logs and such.

Mountain bikes will never go as fast as the road bike due to lower gearing and the heavier frame that is necessary for off road use. One of the nice things about mountain bikes is the riding position is more upright due to the seat position in relation to the straight handlebars.

As with the road bike, the mountain bike can have anywhere from 16 to 27 gears also. Needless to say if you have any back problems, this would be a much better choice then the road bike.

So if you plan to ride a good deal off-road or on gravel or dirt roads, the mountain bike would be an excellent choice. In most cases it will also be less expensive than the typical road bike.

Hybrid Bikes

The third type of bike to consider is the hybrid bicycle. These have become the most popular among more mature riders. They are a actually a combination of the road and mountain bike and usually offer the best features of both types.

These hybrid bicycles are good for shorter trips on paved roads and have proven to be great for city streets since they offer more speed then a mountain bike and more comfort then a road bike.

Their tires are usually skinnier and smoother then those of mountain bikes but not as smooth or skinny as road tires. They can offer the same number of gears but the gear range will be closer to that of the road bike. They also offer the upright riding position of the mountain bike which adds to their popularity.

Cruiser Bike

The forth main type of bicycle would have to be the cruiser bike. The cruiser bicycle will have comfortable wide tires, soft and wide seats and upright handlebars. They might only offer one speed but many are available today with up to seven speeds.

These are what many of us would refer to as the old fashioned style of the 1950's. They are really meant to be used on smooth flat roads or even on the beach. Although you cannot get much speed from a cruiser, they are guaranteed to be comfortable riding.

The Ending Lines

Of course we could include the many variables within these four types of bicycles but we only want to present the basic characteristics of them at this time. Simply said, decide how athletic you are and what type of riding you will do and everything should fall into

Things To Consider Before Going For Airbrush Tanning Systems

Many persons consider that tan helps one to look more attractive, healthier and sexier. How many of us haven’t dreamed about going to the seaside and getting a bronze tan?

Nevertheless, there are some health factors that prevents us from exposing to the sunlight. Instead, airbrush tanning systems have solved this problem. It is true that you miss the breeze of the sea, but instead you get a natural tan safely and in a shorter period.

Also known as sunless tanning, airbrush tanning is a process that resorts to dihydrohyacetone products. Reacting with the amino acids in someone’s skin, this substance contributes to the formation of natural looking tan. Airbrush tanning systems imply applying a tanning mixture with a hand-held airbrush or spray gun and then waiting for it to darken in the next 12 hours.

The safety of the process is guaranteed if precautions to protect the eyes, nose and mouth are taken. Therefore, before spraying the tanning substance on your skin, you should apply some lip balm and wear some protective eyewear. Don’t forget about your nostrils and then the application is harmless.

The duration of the tan depend on each person. The average period lasts from five to ten days. The tan’s lifespan can be enhanced and extended by a series of skin care products. The tanning operator can help you with a few recommendations.

The article will next specify the measures one should take before undergoing the action of airbrush tanning. First, one should take a shower the night before or the morning of the tanning session. A non-moisturizing soap has to be used. The person who is going to be tanned must not wear make-up or have applied any lotion or body cream because these products can interfere with the tanning process. Loose- fitting clothes and flip-flops or sandals are recommended so that they do not stick to the skin. Old bathing suits or any disposable clothing items should work.

After being sprayed on the skin, the tanning mixture dries in approximately five minutes. A period ranging between eight an ten hours should be spent without showering to allow the substance to fix to one’s skin.

In order to maintain the tan, one has to apply a moisturizer every day and hydrate. Swimming in a pool with hard chemicals may affect the effects of the tan. The tan obtained from airbrush tanning systems does not ensure sun protection so one should wear a sun block when exposing to the sun.


Airbrush tanning systems use a compressor and an airbrush more precisely. The tan color is spread evenly due to the first element which pushes the air through the airbrush. The small particles of the tanning solution are picked up from a can by the current of air that moves rapidly through the airbrush and are smoothly deposited onto the skin. The result is a non-spotty, non-streaky or blotchy looking tan.

10 Unusual Tips For Reducing Acne Scars Completely

While there are instances where you can prevent acne, most of the time you have no control over at the outbreak of the disease. If you did, indeed entirety of the acne treatment market would not exist today. But all the same what can you do when you are afflicted with acne?

There are many different acting medications out in the market which will reduce acne symptoms with various degrees of success.

Medications for acne are basically divided into three main categories. These categories are listed below:


Types of Acne Medications

1. Topical Creams and Lotions: The use of specially formatted lotions and creams is one of the most effective forms of acne medication for skin problems, especially acne, since the medicine is applied directly on the affected area. Most times, the acne may start disappearing in a few days or so.
This could also have a positive effect on the general well being of the human skin as it helps to prevent and remove wrinkles as well. It nourishes the skin and prevents premature aging signs.

2. Prescription Drugs: These are strictly based on recommendations by a qualified medical practitioner such as a dermatologist. These drugs are customized for your own personal use only. Prescription of these drugs usually follows thorough diagnosis by your dermatologist. These drugs are azelaic acid creams, Benzoyl Peroxide and even Accutane for severe or acute cases of acne. They could also be oral antibiotics designed to kill the bacteria in your skin.

But never take prescription-type drugs like over-the-counter ones. Only use them when and as recommended by your doctor.

3. Traditional and Home Made: A lot of times, the use of traditional or home made medication can also be very effective. While traditional medications are mostly prevalent in third world countries or cultures that depend more on alternative medicine, these are also frequently used the world over.

Homemade acne remedies are mostly made by using certain herbs or plants which are believed (and sometimes proven) to cure or at least control acne. The most common plants used are garlic, oranges, etc. The type of home remedy used also largely depends on the type or seriousness of the acne.

However, it is always advisable to consult a qualified medical professional if you are in doubt before using them or if your acne is quite serious.

The type of medication for acne that you use will depend largely on the type of acne you have and the seriousness of it. These acne guidelines for medication should be approached carefully. It is always best to be cautious in following the medical instructions carefully in order to prevent wrong or excessive usage of these acne medications.

Just Take A Look On These Easy Tips For Acne Scar Removal

1. Don’t overly cleanse and scrub your acne-prone skin.

2. Avoid using a soap based cleansing product which can leave a residue on the skin’s surface which can both upset the ph balance of your skin and block your pores.

3. Oily skin with acne might tempt you to cleanse more often than needed. Definitely cleanse as part of your bedtime routine, using a pH balance skin care cleanser, so that your skin can “breath”, repair and regenerate while you sleep.

In the morning give your face a nice wake-up with a gentle wash of cold water to close your pores & freshen up from the night’s release of toxins. A good pH balance antiseptic, such as the one above is also a good morning treatment.

For daytimes or hot weather with oily skin, use cosmetic blotting sheets to absorb excess oil. Blotters are a natural chemical-free gentle solution to maintaining a matt complexion. Simply blot them on your oily areas and discard. You can carry them in your purse and travel with them also. Very handy and helpful.

4. Never use harsh chemicals on your acne. Use only natural pH balance skin care products.

5. Avoid foods that have high levels of cholesterol and saturated fats such as milk and dairy products and processed foods.

6. Drink plenty of fresh water and eat lots of raw, fresh fruits and vegetables. Always use organic sources to avoid the added toxicity levels of pesticides and man-made fertilizers.

7. Do use a natural and nutritous moisturizer – including acne prone and oily skin and skin with overactive or blocked sebaceous glands. Withholding moisture can actually bring on the very problem you are trying to combat. Feed your skin and it will treat you nicely.

8. Get in the habit of checking the ingredients in your food and skin care products. Choose products that have truly natural ingredients as man-made chemicals can cause premature aging, cancer, and other terrible health problems. Toxic chemicals in many highly touted skin care lines build up in the body and then try to “break-out” in the form of acne, pimples, sores and rashes. Consider your skin your largest organ and never put anything on it, that you wouldn’t not feel good about putting in your stomach.

9. Never use home micro-dermabrasion kits and exfoliation creams while combating acne.

10. Get plenty of good exercise, lots of fresh air and a little sunshine (vitamin d) everyday.

5 Detox Diets To Lose Weight


Plenty of individuals work hard to cut down the excess fats from their body. The body tries to conserve the little fats left thus posing a problem for anyone attempting to lose these fats. Most people employ various techniques to solve this problem.

However, this article attempts to shed light on this problem by trying to use detox diets. These techniques help to reduce the various belly fats including the subcutaneous fats and visceral fat.

The first deals with the fat located beneath the skin exterior to the abdominal muscles while the latter deals with the fat stored in abdominal organs. This type of fat is attributed to higher risk as it can lead to cases of stroke and high blood pressure.

Consistent hydration 

Regular hydration forms an essential part of a detox diet. It entails consumption of massive amounts of water in the course of the day. The same hydration helps in ensuring that the stomach does not become famished.

It assists to keep the body hydrated throughout the day. The esophagus, in this case, is cleansed thus improving on the flattening of the stomach. It is an additional benefit while attempting to have a diet for weight loss.

Eating fats

In the course of detoxification, it’s important to have regulated consumption of food. It should be restricted to not more than six servings per day. They should also be very light with attention to healthy eating. It should comprise of large fruits and whole grains. Vegetables should also feature in the meals as well as healthy fats. It includes sunflower oils, seeds, olive, and avocado.

The small meals help in alleviating hunger. The fruits comprise of essential vitamins and water. These do not cause unnecessary overload. Carbohydrates can also be taken but in small quantities. The advantage of the mono unsaturated oils is that they help in making one feel contented. It has been linked to improving the burning of the excess belly fat thus can be employed as a diet for weight loss.

Our bodies burn more calories by digesting proteins than carbohydrates. Hence by excluding meat in the detox diets helps in lorries. Belly fat can also be reduced by consumption of organic salmon, turkey, and chicken.

Take lemon beverage

Lemonades are rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoid. It also has citric acid. These are essential in detoxification.

To make the beverage tastier, it incorporates grapefruit juice. The beverage also combines olive oil, protein powder and seed oil. The drink is blended to achieve a smooth taste. This mixture is to be taken on an empty stomach. It assists in cleaning the stomach and cleansing the digestive system. It is important to follow the diet’s directions to achieve the best results. It is also important to follow the directions of a medical professional in case of any changes.

Eat fiber

When the fiber is incorporated into one's daily diet, it helps to reduce the belly fat as it is attributed to the fewer facts associated with these foods. Foods comprising of high fiber are mostly carbohydrates and proteins. In as much as the fiber lacks calories, they provide bulkiness that contributes to a sense of satisfaction. The high fiber foods help in reduction of the time taken for the food to move through the digestive track. It helps in reducing the formation of the toxic materials in the body. It is advisable to take up to 30 grams of high fiber daily.

Avoid sugars

Stop consumption of all types of sugars. These lead to increased cravings and ultimately increase in belly fats. They also result in slow metabolism especially with the sugar calories that are in liquid form. For instance, a latte holds more sugars than a bottle of soda. These make one eat many servings thus contributing to fat storage. The best way to avoid this is by focusing on foods that lack whole grains. Alcoholic drinks are to be avoided as well as caffeine. Get rid of all foods with hydrogenated fats.

Final Opinion

These diets for weight loss require patience to achieve a flat stomach and a healthy lifestyle. The removal of the excess fats leads to improvements in self-esteem, boost in the immune system as well as energy levels. Most celebrities use diets to achieve a body that many dreams of having. Thus, it is important to have a proper plan when using detox diet for weight loss.